About Us

The Art of the Game is a Melbourne based art studio founded by printmaker Naomi Le Get.

We are an independent studio

With the exception of the AFL, we are not associated with or affiliated to any sporting body or association. That’s a great thing. It’s why we look different to everyone else out there. The key endorsement we’re looking for is yours.

We are sports fans

Because we’re sports fans, we love our sport. We want to celebrate the big wins with you. But we also know that sport is also about your family, your history,  your town and your life. It can also be about disappointments, frustrations and long waits. And we want to capture all of that in our posters.

We are artists

Because we’re artists, we’re not just interested in selling you lots of the same posters. That’s why we only do editions of 100 for most of our posters.  Sure, we could sell more, but we want to design our next poster, not keep printing the same ones over and over again. It also means any poster you buy is special – you’re not going to see it in every café and every living room – just in your own home.

We are online (mostly)

Currently you can only buy our posters from our website and some AFL club shops. Unfortunately, you can’t visit our studio and see our designs in person. That’d be nice, but not offering this means we can keep the posters a lot cheaper, and we figure that you’d prefer that. That's also why we can afford to offer free postage on all our standard, unframed deliveries.

You can see framed posters up on the walls in the Melbourne shop at the MCG. We are also stocked at Geelong, Hawthorn, Essendon, Richmond, Adelaide, Post Adelaide & Sydney. If you can't see our posters on display in these shops, just ask.