Refund Policy

We are able to offer refunds or exchanges where:
  • There is a significant fault in the artwork we have sent to you.
  • The artwork is significantly different from how we have shown or described it on the website.
  • We have sent you the wrong artwork.
  • We have incorrectly charged you for an artwork.
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds in instances where:
  • You have changed your mind about the artwork.
  • You have purchased the wrong artwork.
  • The artwork has been damaged in any way after you have received it.

We always use our best endeavours to comply with Australian Consumer Law throughout our refund process, so there may be other scenarios not listed above where you are also entitled to a refund. Most of these are not very likely for an artwork – they don’t tend to be unsafe or have "major failures". However, we will of course honour all other scenarios covered by law if they do happen to occur.

If you believe you are entitled to a refund

Please contact us at:

Please let us know the artwork in question, and your reasons for seeking a refund.

If we determine you are entitled to a refund, we reserve the right for you to return the artwork to us at our expense.