Sydney Swans - A History

Sorry, this print is no longer available.

A must-have for the true Swans fan. A history of the Swans from their origins in 1874 to the present. All the uniforms, all the Brownlow Medals, all the Coleman Medals, and of course, all the Premierships.

There's some great stories to tell here:- how the team started out with blue and white stripes before deciding to add their iconic red sash; the missing year during WWI; the bloodbath Grand Final of 1945. 

What we love about this print is for all of that you don't need to read a book, you just need to put your print up on the wall. We could tell you more about it now, but the real fun is hanging it up and working it all out for yourself (though we do provide a short guide to help you along).

In the meanwhile, here's some pointers to get you started though:

  • First Leading Goalkicker/Coleman Medal: Bob Pratt 1934
  • First Indigenous Player: Norm Le Brun 1929
  • First Brownlow Medal: Herbie Matthews 1940

Artist's Comments: "I really love these prints. It's a real challenge to do something that pulls in so much history and detail, but still remains approachable at a first glance. It's also a design where knowing your materials really helps. The design can look a little stiff on a screen, but printed out on the velvet paper they just glow with colour and warmth. Personally I'm a big fan of the 1921-22 guernsey. Can we bring this one back?" Naomi


Edition: 100. Signed and number by the artist.

Size: Approx 61cm by 43cm (Fits in a standard A2 Frame). More about size.

Framing: We recommend you buy the print unframed. More about framing.

Print Type: Heavy-duty Archival Velvet Fine Art Paper (310gsm).

Please note: We will keep this print updated with the latest details (e.g. 2013 uniforms) until it's sold out.