Hawthorn - Hand on Heart

Sorry, this print is no longer available.

A lot of our pictures try and be a bit clever, or a bit coy about being football posters. That's what makes them different. This series though is for those who simply want to put their hand on their heart and declare their pride in their team.

For most teams, we've tried to pick not the most well-known lyrics from the song, but the words that say the most about being a loyal supporter through thick and thin. But for Hawthorn, how can you go past "All for One"?

Go on - put your hand on your heart.

Edition: 100. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: Approx 61cm by 43cm (Fits in a standard A2 Frame). More about size.

Framing: We recommend you buy the print unframed. More about framing.

Print Type: Giclee Print. Canson Edition Etching Rag 310gsm (Just in case you like to know those sort of things). For everyone else, this is a really thick, gently textured, velvet fine art paper that gives your print a beautiful soft glow. If you think your print looks good on the screen, you should see it in the flesh.

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