Hawthorn - 'Triumph'

Sorry, this print is no longer available.

Put your hands in the air because you really do care! There’s no better sound than that final siren on Grand Final Day. The moment that both the players and supporters jump up in unison and raise their fists in triumph. The celebrations will go for hours, and days, and years. But it’ll never be as sweet again as it was in that first instant.

For those who want to keep on feeling that moment of triumph and celebration over and over again.

Artist's Edition: 5 Only. Print Editions numbers 1-5. Supersized print. Personally signed and numbered by the artist.

Edition: Total Edition of 100. Personally signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: Approx 61cm by 43cm (Fits in a standard A2 Frame). Artist's editions are double this size (approx. 86cm by 61cm) More about size.

Framing: We recommend you buy the print unframed. More about framing.

Print Type: Giclee Print. Heavy-duty Archival Velvet Fine Art Paper (310gsm). We use a really heavy, textured fine art paper that gives your print a beautiful soft glow. If you think your print looks good on the screen, you should see how it looks on your wall.

Artist's Comments: Naomi talks about creating this print.

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