Melbourne Premierships - Japanese Style

Sorry, this print is no longer available.

We found the toy we based this little guy on in Fukushima, Japan (yes, that Fukushima). He just seemed a natural to be a Melbourne supporter. We've printed one of him for every premiership - you'll find the years in the bottom corner of his scarf.

Several people have asked why he's black and yellow. The short answer is because he looks great in black and yellow. The long answer is it doesn't matter what colour you are, it's who you support that matters.


Edition: 100

Size: A2 (59.4cm by 42.0cm). More about size.

Framing: We recommend you buy the print unframed. More about framing.

Print Type: Giclee Print. Canson Edition Etching Rag 310gsm. Just in case you like to know those sort of things.